BALTIMORE (WJZ) — History was made at the Baltimore Pride Parade on Saturday.

Mayor Jack Young signed a bill that would allow all single occupancy restrooms to be used by anyone, male or female.

This is in an effort to provide a safe space for all citizens regardless of their gender identity.

“All of your elected officials believe in equality, we believe in everyone treated the same way,” Baltimore Council President Brandon Scott said.

The new law will open up all single occupancy bathrooms with gender-inclusive signage to male and female. This will allow members of the transgender community to use any restroom they feel comfortable with.

Councilman Zeke Cohen introduced the bill and it received unanimous approval from the Baltimore City Council.

“We know that in the city and across the country, restrooms are a space of fear and anxiety for a trans and gender non-binary communities,” Cohen said.

Bathroom laws have been a hot button issue across the country.

Some groups have pushed for transgender people to use the restroom that corresponds with the gender they identify with.

Other groups have expressed concern that if you were born a male, you should use the men’s restroom, and if you were born a female, you should use the women’s restrooms.

Just last month, the Supreme Court refused to hear a case where a Pennsylvania group tried to overturn a law that allows people to use any restroom that corresponds with their sexual identity.

Baltimore City Council believes that this new law will create a safe and inclusive space for transgender people.

“To our LGBTQ brothers, sisters and siblings, let me say this, the City of Baltimore sees you, we hear you and we love you,” Cohen said.

City leaders say this law will also help parents who need to go into a restroom with a child of a different gender.

The law goes into effect in about 90 days.

Ava-joye Burnett

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  1. How about doing something about the shootings and murders!! What a bunch of IDIOTS!! OH BOY!! The democrats are falling over patting themselves on back, NOW if they could only rid this city of all the democratic corruption! Like we would of never survived without your little bathroom bill funny though how we got along for HUNDREDS of years w/o it… Don’t EVER remember it being a problem SNOWFLAKES!

    1. Gene Bridges says:

      I must agree! It is not just in Baltimore – but everywhere! I am so sick of this transgender mental issue being pushed down our throats! It is almost like we are being bullied to accept what we know is not possible. It is NOT possible for men to be women and vice versa! We are just enabling a horrible mental illness and to try to make them feel better, we are bullied into playing along with their warped world of reality! Just a shame!

  2. Hey mayor think that will help you get the votes you are looking for??

  3. ggarbo303 says:

    Wow…now I have to be fearful of going into a public bathroom because we have to honor the feelings of trans?? Are you people in power really this stupid? Now anyone can use their sexuality to gain access to their own dark little perversions….smh\

    1. Just a bunch of silliness! “Rightismight” is correct – this guy is hoping for votes from the gay community. Any person with an ounce of common sense knows this is not normal and society just continues to enable these people in their world of pretend and make believe trying to force everyone else to play along!

  4. Fishguy Steve says:

    I was considering a trip to Baltimore to visit the aquarium this summer. Not anymore; I’ll take my vacation dollars to somewhere that hasn’t turned basic common sense upside down. Baltimore businesses, are you listening?

  5. Cindy Jencks says:

    Single occupancy bathrooms was never a problem. It’s keeping men out of the ladies room with multiple stalls.

  6. Lee Bertram says:

    All single occupancy restrooms can now be used by anyone, male or female or any other gender whatsoever?

    Uh, OK!

    What am I missing here?


    Meaning one user at a time. Makes no difference who or what you are, you can still use it SAME as without the sign.

    Made no difference before the sign was changed. Makes no difference after the sign is changed. ONE PERSON AT A TIME!

    Virtue signaling symbolic feelgood eyewash without any real meaning.


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