BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Discussions are officially underway for new legislation that would ban plastic bags in Baltimore.

Councilman Bill Henry introduced the bill that would create a five-cent checkout bag surcharge for paper, compostable and other bags given out for delivery or carryout use.

The new push marks the ninth time supporters have tried to pass the measure in Baltimore.

Last month, the City Council passed a ban on plastic foam containers for carryout food and drinks- making Maryland the first state to ban foam food containers.

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  1. Yeah you wanna go after those plastic bags we know how important that is over the hoodrats with the guns!! Oh that’s right the DEMOCRATIC MONEY MONGERS can make money off the surcharges from the plastic bags but no money to be made with the DEAD BODIES STACKED UP…Get your priority’s in order DEMOCRATS!!

  2. The corrupt DEMOCRATS are destroying this city! I would not spend a NICKEL in YOUR rat hole city!!

  3. Tickedoff Person says:

    Vote the bag bill down. It’s a money grab….PERIOD

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