By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Hump DAAAY, and a calm day. And that might be the bigger of the two “headlines.” We do have thunderstorms in the forecast again this day but unlike Monday, and Tuesday, no severe alerts expected. But the atmosphere is still unstable so we will “stay on point” and keep the radar close this afternoon. Tomorrow IS going to be a different story.

A strong cold front is marching toward the East Coast and as it cuts into the Mid Atlantic, thunderstorms will fire up. The actual two word headline tomorrow is “Strong Thunderstorms.” Time will tell but other words like “hail”,” damaging winds”, ” heavy rain” are part of that story behind the headline. Just be aware.

Also just be aware that behind this front a pretty nice weekend, the first weekend of Summer, lay ahead. If Mother Nature is going to set that table we need to sit down and feast! Cheers, and CHEERS!



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