ALLEGANY COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — Allegany County Animal Shelter is asking for donations to help a family of dogs that were found tied to a guardrail Friday morning.

A Good Samaritan discovered the dog– with nine babies– tied to a guardrail in Allegany County earlier Friday morning and called Allegany County Animal Shelter for help.

One of their animal control officers was flagged over by the Good Samaritan and they rescued the family and they are now safe in the shelter.

The animal shelter says if anyone would like to help, they are looking for donations of puppy food, blankets, and disinfectant cleaning products.

They said donations toward vet care is also appreciated.

If you would like to donate, click here.  A GuideStar account has also been taking donations.

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  1. I’d love to adopt one of those poor pups.

  2. Carla Marie Zinn says:

    what kind of pups are they? what breed?

  3. Tickedoff Person says:

    What about Mamma dog? She had to live a life of hell to this point. That is one thing that I never did like about mountain people. They look at dogs/cats as disposable commodity. I’ve been going to the mountains for over 45 years. I have found dogs just tied to tree’s in the middle of nowhere. Most were already dead from being shot and just left. Overall they are decent people. Just wish they would treat domestic animals better. If it isn’t the people it’s the coyote

    1. Rs Taylor says:

      As one of them thar mountain people, ah resent yer comment and so does mah dog, cats, and parrot. Mah dog will be seven in August, one o’ mah cat’s is 14 and tuther is 12 and mah parrot;s 24th Hatch Day was back in April. We’uns ain’t all stoopid.

      In other words, don’t generalize.

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