BALTIMORE (WJZ) —Two weeks after his murder, friends and family said goodbye to Baltimore comedian and former college athlete Gerald Brown.

Gunned down in West Baltimore, police are still searching for his killer, during what has been a deadly month in the City so far.

Baltimore has seen more than 20 murders this month– Brown’s included. Baltimore Mayor Jack Young said earlier this week that enough is enough.

Newspaper clippings highlighted Brown’s early years as a star athlete on display Friday morning, where his family and friends streamed into a northwest Baltimore church to celebrate Brown’s life– cut short by gunfire two weeks ago.

“He was a great dad. He was a great young man, also, when he first met my goddaughter,”

Brown was a father of three, and a stand-out basketball player, first at Frederick Douglass High School and then Loyola College.

He was also a comedian, nicknamed “Gee Songz,”

The 34-year-old was shot on Forest Park Avenue in West Baltimore on June 7, his killer is still on the loose, as police rush to keep up with murder investigations and reports of shootings across Baltimore.

The city has seen more than 140 murders in 2019.

Mayor Jack Young said earlier this week he was fed up with silent streets, asking witnesses to start talking.

“Enough is enough. I’m sick and tired of every second I get something on my pager. Another male shot in the city of Baltimore, or another female or kid is shot. I’m sick and tired of it, and the citizens should be sick and tired of it too,” Young said.

He said community support is key to curbing the violence in Baltimore, which is something the city has heard before from past mayors and police.

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  1. Mayor Jack Young and the rest of the democratic leaders of this city are allowing our city to be destroyed and have lost total control and unable to combat the out of control crime problem and are clearly the cause for it’s total demise! MAYBE if they worried more about the crimes in this city then allowing the ILLEGALS to overrun, burden and infest our city MEANWHILE the poverty level of this city is the LOWEST IN THE COUNTRY but they have the resources for the ILLEGALS!! Sings volumes does’nt it???

  2. You can thank Mayor Jack Young and the rest of the corrupt democrats for the demise and implosion of this city but they have money and benefits for the millions of ILLEGALS but not it’s own citizens, take a walk to you front steps and look up and down your street what do you see?? NOTHING but destruction and a city in CRISIS along with most likely gunshots, ALL at the hands of the democrats, YET they are trying to force ILLEGALS on us and take our jobs and burden us and then turn a blind eye to them breaking our most important laws,OUR BORDER PROTECTION AND LAWS and then the democrats have the NERVE to try and sugar coat to COVER UP THE ILLEGAL ACTIVITY and sending a clear message it’s ok to break our laws we will REWARD YOU FOR BREAKING OUR LAWS!! ONE QUESTION??? WHY?? Can they not not enter our country legally like all others before and the ones entering legally now and want to honor our laws, not really a great way to start out wanting to be a citizen of OUR country!!!

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