BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It was the perfect day to visit the Maryland Zoo.

There was great crowds, great weather and the largest renovation in the zoo’s history.

“This is a redefining moment,” Don Hutchinson of the Maryland Zoo said.

The elephants will roam closer in a savanna three times the size of the old one, and there’s a new walkway so the giraffes within a year will mingle with their pachyderm neighbors.

“We’ve done everything we can for the animals and even more than that for the people who are going to come to visit,” Hutchinson said. “This is a once in a lifetime experience to see lions and giraffes and elephants stand in one place and see them at one time.”

There are still some touch-ups happening in the elephant area, but as of Friday, the African Journey is now open.

The animal handlers were honored with a ribbon cutting for all of the extra work it took during construction to keep the animals safe and happy.

The transformation cost $20 million, but thanks to the State of Maryland, donors and sponsors, it has already been paid for.

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  1. OH LOOK!! Mayor Jack Young out on yet another PR tour for the camera’s, did they swear in a Mayor or a high dollar PR person?? It’s called trying to damage control on a city in Crisis at the hands of the democrats…They know they are in serious trouble everybody is finally fed up with their RHETORIC and ZERO RESULTS on murders and violent crime and HOURLY SHOOTINGS. We know now the democrats set this city back 50 yrs and it’s demise brought on solely by them, CAN’T HIDE THAT ONE MAYOR WE AIN’T STUPID OR BLIND! Stay tuned tomorrow for yet another PR stunt for the camera’s if we are lucky maybe we can see Mayor Jack Young cut the ribbon on another bathroom for single occupancy, what else has he got to do???

  2. Who the heck wants to visit the zoo with all the shootings around corner, a mile away or so easy from the WEST SIDE, guess we are supposed to just ignore the echoing sounds of Baltimore city’s gunfire every hour in the background… SMH!! I love hearing roaring lions in the mist of the echoing sounds of gunfire makes for a real pleasant day…