BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison announced detailed deployment adjustments and the department’s new “place-based patrolling” strategy in microzones- an area with high crime in a press conference Tuesday afternoon.

Officers are now required to spend time in these zones- walking around, talking to neighbors, investigating and enforcing.

“Our officers are often in the right places at the right times, but violent crimes are being committed anyway,” Harrison said. “Which speaks to a certain culture of violence where criminals do not fear any possible consequence from the criminal justice system.”

Seven people were shot across the city since Friday and the number of homicides in Baltimore so far this year is now above 150.

Harrison said that of the people shot, police know that three of the cases, the victim was in some way acquainted with the person who killed them.

Harrison also urged citizens to tell police if they know anything related to these violent crimes that occur throughout the city.


Some believe Harrison’s plan is a start to stop the bloodshed.

“If they put more officers out here, I believe people wouldn’t even think about committing a crime because there are too many police walking around,” David Warner said.

Some said this tactic has already been tried.

The Baltimore Fraternal Order of Police released a statement comparing Harrison’s plan to past efforts and calling into question an officer’s ability to respond to calls, saying in part:

“Fewer police officers and more zones to cover clearly means a thinly stretched patrol division.”

Other people believe it’s up to the community to help stop the violence.

“It would help a little bit, but we all need to pull together the community and all of us we have to help if we can,” Ernestine Taylor said.

Harrison said that the department will continue to reassess and readjust officers in those microzones as needed.

Kelsey Kushner

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  1. Tickedoff Person says:

    He meant to say MEGA ZONES. His mouth was full of cheesecake at the time. His plan is to have flatbed trucks with miles of crime scene tape on industrial sized spools for fast deployment. No more small roles taken from the trunk of police cars. A faster way to fill in the dots , after the fact murder/shooting forms. State of the art street sweepers with water wash down nozzles for blood removal. Rumor has it , that Morrison wants an all white uniform with ample gold leaf decorations and a diamond encrusted cane for his daily wear. Let’s all celebrate, give this guy a bonus…crabcakes for everyone. THIS GUY IS RUNNING A SCAM PEOPLE.

  2. All the useless tactics brought in to play by you have proven to do nothing to curve the violent crimes, shootings and murders. ZERO RESULTS!! You might try being PROACTIVE instead of REACTIVE!! Getting there after the fact mopping up and putting the crimes scene tape out shows you have FAILED at you job again! Once that bullet leaves the gun you have failed at you job!! There are so many shootings in so many places you can have books of microzones and still miss the actual crime and never be present, making microzones useless ! THAT MEANS get the GUNS out of their hands before that shot is fired! PROACTIVE NOT REACTIVE…You will NEVER win this battle as long as so many guns are in play!! FACT!! You said it yourself your officers were feet away and they escaped AFTER the shot was fired!! PROACTIVE INSTEAD OF REACTIVE! FIND A WAY TO GET TO THE GUNS!! You will not win otherwise… There is another HOODRAT waiting to take the place of the one dead or locked up, WHY because he has a GUN!! It just goes on and on and on…

  3. Jim Quimby says:

    Snitches get stitches

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