By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The number one expense at BGE HOME are the people who make the business work.

The second-highest expense is the cost of their 300 vehicle fleet; a fleet — which this year — will burn through hundreds of thousands of gallons of gas.

In an effort to burn less gas, BGE HOME is installing new hybrid systems into 10 of its vehicles.

“What’s nice about these hybrids is that it drives just like one of our regular vans,” Dave Doremus, BGE HOME fleet analyst, said.

The vehicles still drive the same but do not cost the same to drive.

XL Hybrids, the company that does these conversions for BGE HOME, said that clients see a 25 percent improvement. In the case of BGE HOME, a bump from 11 to 14 miles a gallon.

Duane Grove is the truck buyer.

“We hope to see close to the claims of XL Hybrids where they say up to 25 percent improvement in fuel efficiency. Obviously, the less fuel the fewer dollars spent, but fewer carbon emissions and helping to reduce our carbon footprint,” Grove said.

BGE HOME is owned by Constellation which recently became an investor in XL Hybrids. This is something business consultants call symbiosis, or dissimilar groups benefiting each other.

“We’re really excited about it,” BGE HOME CEO Tamla Olivier said. “We’re hopeful that we see some of these efficiencies gained, and we’re hoping to be kinder to the environment and not have a huge footprint given the vehicles we have on the road today.”