By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Mid-week, hump day, whatever you want to call it we are now looking the weekend square in the eye. Mighty fine!! The rains of Spring have made our area as lush as you will ever see it. The birds, bugs, nature in general, totally alive. It’s a beautiful thing. And speaking of beautiful did you see last night’s sunset? Frankly I did not. On my shift one is usually in bed just before 9. But I did see it all over social media. This morning when I logged on I counted 19 sunset pictures on my personal Face Book feed alone. All posted between 8:47 and 9:00 P.M. And we may darn well see another beautiful Summer sunset tonight.

I like to discuss life “out of the glare of the Sun.” Evenings if you will. Temps in the upper 80’s even with humidity when you are not baking under El Sol high in the sky are not too bad. And figure with these long days after dinner you still have two hours or so just to enjoy, and I hope you do and will.

Now on my shift I get to see the sunrise, and in the morning’s “comfort zone”, before the sun gets hot, it has been beautiful too.

Bottom line is this. Life is good these days, you just have to find the right time of the day to enjoy it.



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