BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Now that the U.S Women’s Soccer Team are champions once again, the country is celebrating after their dominant performance.

Fans across Baltimore have been ignited with emotion- both on and off the field.

It started with team captain Megan Rapinoe breaking the tie in the second half versus the Netherlands with a penalty kick and the Americans didn’t look back.

Then Washington Spirit midfielder Rose Lavelle beat three defenders to seal the deal. Watch parties erupted in Baltimore!

A day after the game, the Baltimore Blast soccer team held a summer camp for kids with the euphoria of victory still riding high.

“These kids come out and chase their dream as well. Any sort of support us as a nation can give to the sport of soccer no matter if it’s the Baltimore Blast or anybody else, it’s wonderful,” said Justin Bittner, social media manager for Baltimore Blast.

The World Cup left an impression on the ones who look up to the champs the most.

“It was really cool! I want to go to the World Cup someday,” said seven-year-old Sianna Millier.

“The women’s team! It’s a lot of fun to watch them because the men’s team is really bad so they get to win the FIFA World Cup and then the men don’t even qualify,” said nine-year-old Hudson Larkin.

That fun translates off the field into skills the champions of tomorrow will hold with them forever.

The game has exploded in the U.S. Attendance is up and a recent poll said Major League Soccer is seeing a 27 percent rise in interest.

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    I celebrated by kicking women all night long.

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