Hi Everyone!

Back from a week of R&R. A week of finding as much shade as I could. The sun is quite strong these days, and other than getting in the water and hanging out, as Zac Brown would sing, “knee deep I the water somewhere”, I am under an umbrella. Not only is that sun strong, but hot.

The normal daytime high is 87°. So after this day’s coolish 78° we will get back to, essentially, 90° through the week. But that is, in reality, only 3, or so, degrees above the norm. It is just at, now, the hottest period of the year the “above normal” effect will get your attention. This week’s heat will come with some humidity. But the oppressive conditions of, at times, the past two weeks should be held at bay.

Do we make the “three s’es” of Summer into four here in 2019? Sunglasses, SPF, swimsuits…and sweating? I think not. Kinda takes the fun out of the season. How about shade instead. An easy change, no sweat…literally.



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