BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Two people were attacked by a pit bull in South Baltimore earlier Tuesday, police said.

The attack happened in the 600 block of Maude Ave.

Officers responded and police said one officer shot the dog.

It is not confirmed if the dog is dead or not.

Animal Control was called to the scene after the two victims were seriously injured and are being treated by medics.

They will be taken to an area hospital for treatment.

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  1. Bernard Lee says:

    At what point are we going to wake up and realized that the pitbull breed has been genetically maligned by dog fighting breeders. They are a public safety hazard and should be banned in urban areas at least. Each time someone is attacked and mauled or killed, or a child is mutilated by a pit bull. there is this whole army of idiot pitbull owners who come out claiming that its not the the breed its the fault of the victim or the owner. We hear how sweet their pit bull is and yada yada until another child is chewed up and its always a pitbull. I live in the city and I have obtained a concealed carry permit for just such an occasion. If no one else will I intend to do my part in securing the public safety against pit bulls..

  2. Tony Solesky says:

    But BARCS and other groups that put Pit Bulls people will continue to promote this breed. It is not like they don’t know the issue, they refuse to accept it. AND THEY WILL LIE TO YOU AND GET YOU HURT OR WORSE

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