BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore has been listed among 10 cities nationwide targeted for raids Sunday by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

President Trump confirmed reports Friday that ICE plans to arrest thousands of undocumented immigrants who have missed court dates or have been issued orders to leave the country.

The sweep is expected to last for several days and like other cities on the ICE list, Baltimore has gone on record to refuse to cooperate with the arrests.

A rally at City Hall on Friday brought advocates for the immigrant community together to protest the plan ICE for the coming week.


“The people united will never be defeated.” A rally chant cried.

There are reportedly around one million people in the country who have removal orders, and ICE is launching a sweep through 10 cities– including Baltimore.

“We’re not going to cooperate,” said Baltimore Mayor Jack Young.

In Baltimore, they’ll have to do it on their own.

“I said that we were not going to engage with ICE in the deportation or apprehension of any immigrants in the City of Baltimore.” Mayor Young said.

He called it a policy against children.

“We feel that the policy the president is pushing is a policy against children, because once you remove a parent and the kids are still here they end up in foster care or end up in camps and that’s not the place for children to be.” Mayor Young said.

“Hey hey, ho ho, ICE has got to go.” The crowd rallied with more chants.

In fact, Baltimore City police policy does not include immigration status.

“We do not ask about immigration status. Immigration is for federal enforcement and those authorities should do that. That is not for local law enforcement, and our policy is built on that and we stand and make that commitment to our community.” said Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison.

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  1. They don’t need or want the help of the corrupt democrats of Baltimore City!! Why don’t you do really something positive and STOP all the violence and EVERYDAY murders in YOUR hoodrat corrupt city!!!

  2. Talk about the useless bunch in city hall! Mayor Young has the nerve to seek reelection. He is part of the Pugh liberal puppets. REMEMBER he is the ONLY one to refuse to call for his buddy Pugh’s resignation and the unwillingness to move this city forward UNDER A DEMOCRATIC CRISIS OF CORRUPTION!! ICE is coming for you ILLEGALS!! BYE BYE not a thing you can do about it MAYOR!! He and the rest of the democrats are getting worried with the missing votes from the deported ILLEGALS, That’s about all they have…

  3. What really stands out is his track record since he blew into town!!! ZERO RESULTS in stopping the violence and murders! How’s that microzone brainstorm working our for ya?? Sure didn’t help that 19yr old student slaughtered in his car HUH??? You must be so proud! $300,000 and NOTHING to show for it but a pile of murdered dead bodies down at the morgue… SMH!!

  4. Tickedoff Person says:

    Young…….They’re not asking for your help on anything. They’re cleaning up the mess the democrats caused. You should be ran out of office for telling the police to stand down against CRIMINALS

  5. Dan Thomas says:

    Where was the outrage when obama admin deported millions during his 8 years?

  6. AHHH Sunday morning!! It’s time toto pack your bags! Say bye bye MAYOR, me I’m pulling up a lawn chair and cheering them on while the democrats are standing on the curbs crying over the lost votes!! TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Wendy J Shores says:

    Varying Degrees of Illegal
    If Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and most of the rest of the Democratic party are to be believed, there are varying degrees of illegal. According to them and also to some misguided people in this country, it is ok to break the law if you are an immigrant tying to get into this country because the country they are coming from is so broken they can’t live there anymore. I say, grow a backbone, revolt and FIX that country the same way Americans have had to fix theirs. What gives these people, who aren’t willing to stand up to their own government, the idea that we are willing to accept ANYONE who isn’t willing to fight for that right, into our great country?
    If the mass of people that have been gravitating towards our border would instead revolt against their own government, against the drug lords in their own country… they could begin to mend it from the inside. If they showed some incentive, perhaps other countries like the US would be willing to step in and help them with military force. Personally, I am going to help someone in my OWN country first. I am going to help the vet that lay rotting in a cell because the government he fought for doesn’t give him enough money to survive on and he got arrested for stealing food to survive. I am going to help the woman who didn’t get a good enough education and had to steal to clothe her child. I am going to help the person with mental health issues that suffers because their own government doesn’t feel they are more important than the illegals trying to get into this country ILLEGALLY!
    If there are going to be varying degrees of illegal, you can bet your ass I will be helping people thrown in jail for smoking marijuana to lessen the pain of cancer before I am going to help someone trying to get in to the USA from another country without any kind of background check or accountability. What is wrong with this country, with this government, when people like Jeffrey Epstein are allowed to get away with molesting our young daughters? Have we, as a people, gotten so bad that we are going to allow the rich and privileged to get away with this travesty? Where is the backbone of the people of THIS country? Its time for illegal to MEAN illegal. There are NO varying degrees of this word. If you break the law, you suffer the consequences. Period.

  8. Daniel Garnett says:

    No problem, just don’t ask for any federal funds.

  9. Bob Higginbotham says:

    Leave it to the slimy democrats to disobey the laws they made. Young and his so-called police chief should be indicted for their anti-American attitude and flagrant disobedience of the laws of this country.

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