Hi Everyone!

The heat is done. 88° today. We will have shade clouds today. The discomfort of the past two days simply history.

We woke up this day with the Storm Prediction Center placing the entire I-95 corridor in a “slight risk” for severe weather. Bookending that is a “marginal risk” for gusty conditions. In other words hold on tight, weather life might get quite problematic later on. Add to that potential heavy downpours.

Today is the last day of July, the 31st. And with August looming on the horizon this morning I saw on my Yahoo front page a story about the top 20 “Game of Thrones” Halloween costumes. On the air we had a story about making Halloween a specific date, the last Saturday of the month. And then I see on my Facebook feed someone posting a picture of some Pumpkin Spice Coffee Mate she had just seen at a store.

Pull that “calendar emergency break and whoa it down folks. We still have a lot of Summer left.


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