By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Thunderstorms, again, in the forecast today. Again. If it seems like we have had a lot of storms, severe weather this year, you are right. Meteorologist Chelsea Ingram was showing me some amazing stats yesterday. Look, numbers do not lie. Chelsea rolled out a graphic showing a portion of Oklahoma with close to 800 severe alerts since January 1st. No surprise. But we, WE, are second on the list with over 500. You read that correct, between the Washington metro, and Baltimore metro area, we have, (not counting what will fire up today), over 500 alerts for severe weather. Kinda stops you in your tracks doesn’t it? If not it darn well should.

Oklahoma, Dorothy and the Wizard of OZ, Kansas, tornado’s…I get it, but that many issues here.? Legit, and for real.

Figure the “witching hours’ this afternoon will begin by 2 P.M., and last until an early bedtime. Baltimore is now in a “slight risk” as the “enhanced risk” was dropped South to D.C., and towards Richmond. But don’t get caught up in the words, understand ANY thunderstorm can be gusty and cause problems. We’ll stay on point for ya!



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