CATONSVILLE, MD. (WJZ) — Baltimore County will reopen Thistle Road on August 21, after being partially closed for more than a year, damaged by floods in May 2018.

The road, located between Frederick Road and the Patapsco River, was damaged by the same floods that caused significant damage in Ellicott City and in southwestern Baltimore County.

During the storm, almost a half-mile of Thistle Road’s embankment was washed away or damaged.

Baltimore County’s government said they inserted perforated, hollow tubes into the soil in March and filled the injections of grout. The inserts were then followed by the construction of concrete retaining walls which were black-filled with stone.

Once the road’s foundation was restabilized, the County’s contractors brought in Jersey walls to arrest erosion on the slope above the road, and then paved- with guard rails and fencing installed.

Repairs to the road cost just under $2 million, according to engineers, who also said 75 percent of the cost will be borne by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Baltimore County also said after the floods, they repaired a small bridge just north of Thistle Road. They will also repair a culvert on Thistle Road about a half-mile south of Frederick Road.

The County is currently also rebuilding the River Road Bridge, which was completely destroyed by the floodwaters. It began in July and is expected to be finished before the end of 2019.


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