Hi Everyone!

Over. Done. Bye. See ya. Vapor. Archival. Dust. Ghostlike. Over, and done. The umpteenth heatwave of the Summer will end later this day as a strong cold front slides through the Mid-Atlantic. We do believe thunderstorms will light up the radar, again, today. And we are in a “marginal risk” category for this by the Storm Prediction Center.  The timing seems to be after 5,  but the timing of any storm will become apparent during this afternoon. Then over and done.

Today 93° with a Real Feel of 98°. Tomorrow just the upper 70’s. And life is no tougher than that.

Your weekend look really nice with a forecast that is on solid ground.  I have always heard that “living well is the best revenge!” With the beautiful few days coming up make some plans and live your best life. As I like to say after any heat wave, or polar cold snap, You have earned it!




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