New York, NY (WJZ)- Heading into the 2019-20 NFL season the biggest question on Ravens fans minds is how will Lamar Jackson improve in his first full year as an NFL starter?

While Jackson was effective in leading the team to the playoffs and an AFC North division crown with a 6-1 stretch after the bye week, he sputtered in the Wild Card Round game against the Los Angeles Chargers. The concern for Jackson has been when will his passing ability catch up to his dazzling ability to make plays outside of the pocket with his legs. While the answer to that question may not come right away this season NFL on CBS analyst Dan Fouts thinks that the team’s offense will cater a bit more to Jackson’s strengths.

“They have changed the offense now in Baltimore, they are going to tailor it to his strengths and his style,” said Fouts in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith at NFL on CBS Media Day in New York. “That is one thing that is going to be interesting to watch early in the season and how successful they are. Then, as the season goes on, how the NFL adjusts to it. NFL defensive coordinators always seem to find a way, as they did in the playoffs last year, to stop this kind of revolutionary offense. But, Jackson is an exciting player who brings a lot to the table for the Ravens.”

It is worth remembering that the Ravens had two vastly different quarterbacks last year in Joe Flacco and Jackson. While Jackson was taking his time to learn the offense behind Flacco under former offensive coordinator Marty Morninwheg, that system was originally built to suit Flacco’s strengths, not Lamar’s. This season, with Jackson installed as the starter for Week 1, things will be more suited to his style of play under new coordinator Greg Roman.

The preseason has shown flashes of what the offense with Jackson is capable of, but fans won’t know the full extent until the team meets the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, September 8th. With the season right around the corner though, there is one thing that Fouts thinks Jackson and all of the young quarterbacks in the league give their team.

“I think what they give their fans and all of us that are football fans is hope. And a lot of excitement and anticipation of how good they can be,” said Fouts. “I think each one of those guys brings something unique to their team and that starts with leadership.”