OCEAN CITY, Md. (WJZ) — An Ocean City movie theater is pulling back on a promotion for the “It 2” movie released after concerns were raised by residents.

Flagship Cinemas had planned a ticket giveaway for the ‘It’ sequel that opens Sept. 5.

“We will be putting red balloons out around town with a free ticket attached,” the theater posted Thursday.

Although some loved the themed contest, other residents were concerned about the red balloons and the environment.

“Please do not do that. Balloons are HORRIBLE for the environment,” posted Stacey Pixley.

But on Friday morning, they decided to change the promotion due to environmental concerns.

“Due to some environmental concerns, we have decided to change this promotion,” the theater wrote. “It won’t involve balloons, but Pennywise will still be around town.”

After the OCMD theater made the change, so did others owned by their parent company.

“All of FP Cinemas have changed their promotion to exclude the balloons! Thank you for helping us become more aware!,” the theater posted.

Should be an interesting weekend down the beach — we’ll have to wait and see how the theater promotes the movie.


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