By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — This day began very pleasant. We actually used the words “crisp-like” this morning. (Truth be told, on air, we actually discussed if “crisp-like” was pushing the coolish feel of the morning too much. We decided not really.) The 5 a.m. temp was 64°, and that is exactly normal. But after a Spring and Summer where almost every morning I would say the temps were seasonally warm, if not even hot, a normal 64° got our attention.

Today and tomorrow will be in the upper 70’s before we return to the mid 80’s as we march toward the Labor Day holiday weekend. And it will be getting humid again too. The NE breeze/winds of the weekend will now become Easterly and here comes, in the forecast, low hanging clouds and a misty type of drizzle occasionally.

But generally speaking we can call the next two days calm. And given the 5 day run, last week, of severe weather in the Mid-Atlantic… call it a win!



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