By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A warm, humid, morning will lead to a hot and humid afternoon. A strong cold front will lead to possible gusty thunderstorms which will lead to temps moving to the seasonally cool mid 70’s. One thing leads to another. Kinda like the knee bones connected to the leg bone, the leg bones connect to the hip bone, and so forth. It is all cause and effect. Life and weather.

92° today will be a full 10° above the normal. By Friday almost 10° below the normal 82° daytime high. Matter of fact behind that front the majority of the days in the “7 Day Forecast” are below normal, or as Sharon Gibala put it, “Jeans weather.” And that brings up a good point…soon, especially with some overnight lows in the upper 50’s, we will be grabbing for some clothes that will seem to be comfortable old friends. Part of the fun of changing season to be honest.

Speaking of seasonal gear keep your Summer rain gear handy. We will see some showers tomorrow night, and Friday, from Dorian. But that is about it as of the last update. So far the forecast for this hurricane, for the Mid-Atlantic, is showing good consistency. But again that as of this update. Let’s see how it squares away through this day.



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