MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. (WJZ) — It’s no secret Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens had a stellar start to the 2019 regular season in their 59-10 victory over the Miami Dolphins Sunday.

One play, though, has fans talking, with some saying the Ravens were just rubbing salt in an open wound.

Baltimore Ravens Beat Miami Dolphins, Set Franchise Record For Most Points Scored In A Game

In the second quarter, while up 35-3, the Ravens ran a fake punt to perfection. Anthony Levine rumbled 60 yards to set the Ravens up for their seventh touchdown of the game.

But it was a play that drew some controversy online.

On Twitter, Barstool Sports called it “outright bullying.”

At his news conference on Monday, Head Coach John Harbaugh mentioned the play and had an answer for those who thought it was poor sportsmanship to run a fake punt with such a big lead.

“I know that the Dolphins understand this, the objective, especially in the second quarter […] is to keep your offense on the field and to keep your defense off the field by any means necessary,” he said. “We knew we were going for that fourth down once it got to fourth and close to one, and so now you look for the best play. We felt the fake punt was the best play. That’s why we did it.”

The Ravens ended up setting a number of franchise records in Sunday’s game, including for total yards and points.


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