By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — TGIMonday said no one ever. Gonna be a gray Monday. Some spotty showers are a “more earlier than later” part of the outlook. But this week will end purple with the Ravens home opener. And this week will feature a couple of days that are more like you’d see, and feel, at Oriole Park in mid-July. We are going to blowtorch up to the low 90’s Wednesday and Thursday. Sun will make the temperature and humidity the headline for sure, more so than the chance of thunderstorms returning to the forecast. (BTW at this time nothing severe expected.)

Monday the 23, two weeks from today, we change seasons. That kinda crept up didn’t it? And it is now that we usually begin to see some “crisp” slowly filter into the outlook. But not this week with the lowest high today at 79°, and the lowest low tonight with a temp 4° above the normal of 60. The heat of the Summer, or for that matter the year, keeps holding on. Will September be one of the warmest in years?

Time will tell. But right now I’d say bet the over.



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