BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Greg Davis was born less than a mile from M&T Bank Stadium. This Sunday, he’ll be in the announcer booth as the new public address announcer of the Baltimore Ravens.

When asked if this was a dream for him, he responded, “How could it not be, yes,”

Davis got his start announcing in 1999 at 1430 WNAV in Annapolis, and a year later he landed a gig as the public address announcer at the United States Naval Academy.

“The journey has been fantastic,” Davis said.

That journey now takes him to the Ravens, where he’ll take over for longtime announcer Bruce Cunningham.

“I thought first of all, I’ve got some very big shoes to fill. So that was my first thought, I really need to elevate my game just a bit. After that, it was the incredulous moment of wow, I get to do public address for the Baltimore Ravens.

His first time addressing the Baltimore crowd is this weekend.

“Oh my gosh are you kidding me? You take a look at what the Ravens did last weekend. Home opener, the fans are going to be excited. It’s going to be an electrifying environment. I’m just happy to be a tiny, tiny part of the fun that’s going to be happening this Sunday,” Davis said.


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