ROSEDALE, Md. (WJZ) — Startling statistics from Operation Life Saver say every three hours someone in the U.S. is hit by an oncoming train.

Unfortunately, one crossing in Baltimore County has been the scene of three collisions in the last decade.

“One accident is one too many and multiple is certainly cause for concern,” Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski said.

In 2013, the crash between a train and dump truck resulted in a fiery blast that shattered windows and shook homes nearby.

The National Transportation Safety Board vowed then to make a change.

“We need to find out what happened, why it happened, so we can prevent it from happening again.”

Then, about a year later in 2014, nearby businesses said they noticed some change, but it came on the heels of another crash.

“It seems that they blow the whistle more often, and they’re more vocal when they come through,”

Now, a bumper from the Volkswagen Sedan that was hit Tuesday morning still sits silently by the tracks, an eerie reminder of the driver whose life was almost cut short.

VIDEO: Surveillance Footage Released After Train, Car Collide In Baltimore County

“We wish you a full and speedy recovery but know that I’m committed to doing all I can to push safety improvements to all our intersections,”

Olszewski said Rosedale has four intersections previously addressed by the county where they asked CSX to make changes.

The county has given $77,000 to the cause and additional state funds are coming, according to Olszewski.

“We’re pushing so hard to reaffirm our commitment but make sure we get a response and timelines and easiness to see progress at these intersections,”

Olszewski is urging drivers, in the meantime, to take the extra precaution and stop before crossing the train tracks.

Rachael Cardin


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