HARFORD COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — Officials are cracking down on drivers who speed through work zones.

As of Friday, a Harford County work zone along I-95 between MD 152 and MD 24 is being monitored, and speed is being recorded.

“That speed limit established at the work zone has the goal of keeping drivers safe,” said Cpl. Brady McCormick with the Maryland Transportation Authority Police. “Oftentimes there’s a new traffic pattern or changes in the area so we’re keeping the driver safe but also workers on the side the road safe as well.”

The speed limit through the area is 65 miles per hour. Darryl Betterson said he passes through the work zone every other day and taps the brakes when workers are out.

“I don’t want to hit them it’s dangerous on that highway and you got a watch out for the workers,” he said.

There will be a grace period for 21 days starting Monday. If drivers are caught speeding they will get a warning.

“I think it should be cracked down on,” a driver told WJZ.

After an initial warning, drivers will get a ticket.

“That’s all you gotta do is tell them one time they’re not gonna do it again or they’ll get in trouble,”

Twelve miles or more above 65 miles per hour is a $40 fine, but that money could never bring back a life.

Every year workers are killed or injured on the job. In 2017, three workers were struck and killed in a single night.

Workers will be widening and paving the section of I-95 between MD 152 and MD 24.

The multi-million dollar project started in April of this year and won’t be completed until the winter of 2021.

Rachael Cardin