BALTIMORE (WJZ) – Lamar Jackson continued to impress in Week 2 against the Arizona Cardinals.

Jackson’s two-touchdown, 272-yard performance led the Ravens to their second victory of the season.

This week, the team will face a much more formidable opponent in the Patrick Mahomes led Kansas City Chiefs.

Last year, Jackson and the Ravens fell to the Chiefs 27-24.

So, what’s to come this year? Will Baltimore stay undefeated through Week 3, or be dealt its first loss of the season?

Here is what to look for this week as the Ravens battle the Kansas City Chiefs, right here, on WJZ.


Lamar Jackson has looked great this season and has led the team to its first two victories. However, this week, a win must fall in the hands of defense. Patrick Mahomes has looked unstoppable this year. He has thrown for 821 yards and seven touchdowns. The Ravens’ defense has looked stout but has yet to face a top-tier opponent. This is the first true test to see just how far the Ravens’ defense can carry the team this year.

Limit Patrick Mahomes

In his first game of the season, Patrick Mahomes threw three touchdown passes. In his second game, four touchdown passes. Now, the Ravens won’t have to worry about covering the speedy Tyreek Hill who is out with a collarbone injury. However, that doesn’t mean that Mahomes doesn’t have any weapons at his disposal. He still has his tight end Travis Kelce who already has a touchdown and 195 yards. If the Ravens are going to pull out a victory, they will likely need to limit Patrick Mahomes to just two touchdown passes.

Strong Offensive Game Plan

The Ravens must come into Sunday’s game with a strong offensive game plan. The Chiefs defense has performed well this year, allowing 26 points against the Jacksonville Jaguars and 10 points to the Oakland Raiders. Look for Lamar Jackson and Mark Ingram to carry the ball more to tire out the Chiefs defense. If the Ravens are able to do just that, they will be successful and come away with a victory to remain undefeated.   


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