Hi Everyone!

It will be a ton more comfortable this day than yesterday. Monday’s 95° was twenty degrees above normal. That is a lot of heat for mid late September. But that cold front which passed by the Mid-Atlantic last evening will knock our temps back to the low 80’s today. And that sets the table for the next 10 days. Let me say’ that again, the next ten days.

75° is now the normal. At this time of the year every three days the normal daytime high drops by one degree. By October 2nd, the normal will be 72°.

During that period the coolest daytime number we see is 81°. Many days in the mid 80’s, a couple near 90. And this mild/warm weather is not just here but almost the entire country East of the Rockies. That is saying something.

Temp indications for October are above normal. Look we will see some crisp in the forecast, and feel that crisp when you walk outside, especially in the morning. But for now some seasonally comfortable forecasts are the 2019 Fall normal.

For now.



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