BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A dog is recovering after being stabbed 11 times all over her body.

Baltimore City Police received a call about a stray dog, Misty, who was bleeding and running around the city.

When they found her she was covered in fresh stab wounds. She was taken to the police station and Animal Control responded with emergency transport to one of Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter’s partner ER hospitals.

The stab wounds were done deliberately, BARCS says, to her neck, back and along her tail.

They appear to have been inflicted with a large, knife-like object.

The hospital is working to save her life and repair her stab wounds. X-rays showed none of them were deep enough to penetrate her airway or vital organs, but she is at risk of infection and potentially losing her tail.

The hospital says Misty is “soulful and loving”, quick to trust and eager to please.

“She probably thought that this person—like everyone else—wanted to give her pets and kisses. But instead, they took advantage of Misty’s kind nature and betrayed her,” BARCS said in a release Friday.

BARCS is seeking donations for Misty to our Franky Fund, which saves the lives of animals with extraordinary medical needs and emergencies. This fund is the lifeline for injured, sick and abused animals in Baltimore City.

They are also looking for her abuser. Anyone with information should call Baltimore City 311 hotline to file a report, and they can remain anonymous.


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