Hi Everyone!

Welcome to October. Now that we have closed the weather book on September, let’s look back at the stats:

  1. The second driest September in history.
  2. The monthly temperature was 6°above the average.
  3. Eight days above 90°
  4. Three days of measurable rain amounting to 0.16″ of an inch of rain that is 3.73″ below normal.

And now October. We start warm with a high of 85°. Tomorrow we could set an all-time record high for the date. —  89° is the record. The forecast high is 96°. The all-time record is 97° set in 1941. By the end of the week, we will be at, or below, normal with highs in the 70° range and some nighttime temps dropping into the mid 40’s.

We always joke, we being all of us, that if you do not like the weather give it 20 minutes, in the Mid-Atlantic,  it will change. Well, we are not talking 20 minutes but just a few days here. Imagine 20 days from now. Or given the past years, roller-coaster weather can we?




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