BALTIMORE (CBS Sports) — Baltimore Ravens tight end Mark Andrews is having a breakout season. After recording just 34 receptions in his rookie year, the former third-round pick already has 23 catches through four games. Only four tight ends have more receiving yards than Andrews so far.

He’s been a clear benefactor of Baltimore’s new offensive system, but every week presents a new challenge. Whether it’s a new opponent or having to accept a new role, Andrews has grown accustomed to facing different adversities and having to adjust. It’s a life skill he picked up when he was just a young man.

As a budding athlete, Andrews considered himself more of a soccer and basketball player. His dreams of playing in the big leagues took a hit when at 9 years old, he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

“Some of the early signs were that I was going to the bathroom a lot and I had a ton of thirst,” Andrews told CBS Sports. “My dad is a doctor, so he knew some of the signs and I was fortunate enough because a lot of people with diabetes, that’s the hardest part, catching what’s going wrong. I remember going to the bathroom like four times during a soccer game. I wasn’t able to complete a half without having to run to the bathroom, so my parents knew something was up.”

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