By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — All I know is this, between today’s record heat and Saturday when I am walking around the Annapolis in-water power boat show, the temp will drop 30 degrees. Mt. Everest is large, a thirty degree drop in temps, (from that far above normal to below normal), is huge.

Hard to not make this blog about an afternoon with the forecast high 25+ degrees above the baseline. But hard to ignore that at some point on either Friday night with a  low of 46°, or Saturday night with a low of 53° you might smell wood burning in someone’s fireplace

Personally I do not know what I enjoy more, the smell of Coppertone, or the smell of burning White Oak. I have in the middle of the Winter, for aromatherapy, popped open a Coppertone and taken a whiff so I guess it’s the suntan lotion. But add the smell of some fresh chili, or beef stew, (on the stove), to the fireplace scent and we have a run for the money.

No matter what side of the heat spectrum you are on we will all have our wishes fulfilled in short order!  Cheers!