By Paul Gessler

DUNDALK, Md. (WJZ) — A 4-alarm fire in Baltimore County is out, but not until after several homes were damaged overnight.

The extent of the damage from behind these rowhomes on Highshire Court could be seen in the morning light Wednesday. The fire left 21 people displaced.

Many of the houses are now secured: as the investigation continues.

“It sounded like mayhem outside,” said Owen Bostwick.

Fire crews arrived at the blaze in Dundalk just before 11 p.m. Tuesday night.

“It just looked like it was getting out of hand real fast,” Bostwick said. “They had like 12 trucks out here.”

“I saw it spread from one house down to two and it ended up being four,” Jordan Carter said.

“And, then a firefighter fell through the roof early on in the fire. I don’t know what his status is or anything like that,” Bostwick said.

“They called a mayday,” Raeshawn Fleming said after a firefighter partially fell through the roof of one of the homes. He got himself out.

That firefighter and a resident were treated on scene and were not seriously injured. Neither was taken to the hospital.

“I could stand right where I am right now and the whole houses were engulfed in flames,” Carter said.

“They boarded up one of the houses. One house looks completely gutted out and burned. Then, the other house over here looks like a hella fire damage or a lot of it,” Fleming said.

Firefighters from the city and Anne Arundel County also helped on scene overnight.

The American Red Cross is now helping with 21 people displaced.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Fire personnel will conduct an “after the fire’ walk Wednesday night to provide neighbors with fire safety and prevention tips.

Now, attention turns to cleanup.

Paul Gessler


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