Hi Everyone!

As we move through this day it is nice to report that coastal low really did not play too much into our lives. But none the less it is, even now over New England, throwing clouds our way. As we move through the day, even more so than yesterday, we will have clouds dimming sun at times. But really, inland, that’s about it.

As we move into the weeks end, and weekend, I can tell you we have a pretty darn good outlook. A bit of a temperature roller coaster moving from the current normal, in the upper 60’s, to seasonally mild in the mid 70’s. The only bumps in the road will be a little breezy tomorrow due to that coastal low, and late Saturday as a cool front marches by a very slight chance of a shower.

Today is the tenth of October. We are a third of the way into the month and now you may be seeing Halloween decorations up and thinking, “Is this pushing it a bit?” Well not really given the date. And give the weather a chance it will soon begin to trend toward the feel of 10-31!



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