TOWSON, Md. (WJZ) — Baltimore County Public Schools has three options for the start of the 2020 school year.

The question: Should schools open before or after the Labor Day holiday?

There’s a reason the school system is already thinking about when the 2020 school year will start. Labor Day 2020 is Sept. 7, as late as it could be- and with an election, schools will be closed an extra day next year.

“We have three calendar options,” Baltimore County Public Schools Spokesperson Brandon Oland said.

The Baltimore County School Board is considering a start date of Aug. 31, and ending June 11 through 18, depending on snow days.

Other options start the year after Labor Day, and with a shortened spring break, ending June 15 through 22, depending on snow days.

The third option, starting Sept. 8, and with a week-long spring break, ending between June 21 through 28, depending on snow days. \

If you have a child in Baltimore County Public Schools, now is the time to weigh in. There’s a public hearing Oct. 22, or you can comment online.

“We think that’s a great thing, and we listen to it, and our board members listen to it,” Orlando said.

The school board vote is set for Nov. 5.

If you would like to comment online, visit the Baltimore County Public Schools Facebook page.


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