BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Happy “Friday Eve” everyone! It’s here, and so are the winds- again.

Yesterday as the rain ended and the low passed on to the North, the wind swept in and howled during the night. Overnight, as was forecasted, the winds calmed down a bit.

Now, as was in the forecast, the wind has amped up again. To be honest, we got off pretty easy on this one. We got well over an inch and a half of rain before it ended.

But as the storm moved North it got bigger and is now hammering New England. Yet another early Fall Nor’easter to hit them this month.

As we move into the weekend there has been a change, in our favor, involving Sunday’s forecast.

Yesterday, that outlook was gray with a couple of afternoon showers. Now we are removing that shower chance and adding in a few peeks of sun.

Saturday will still be the marquee weekend day but Sunday Funday is going to be “okish,” with this wind today hopefully we will be “okish” too.


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