Hi Everyone!

A little gray today after yesterday’s almost perfect afternoon. For grins, (on the air), we used to call sunny and mild fall days, “The Autumnal Spring.”

Well, we sure as heck had that yesterday and will again tomorrow, and Thursday. The other side of that headline is the weekend forecast, we began discussing yesterday, appearing to be on solid ground. In other words gray, chilly, and damp.

When it comes to weather we take the victories as they come. Look there are folks who totally LOVE winter, and like it to hold on into those early Spring days. I get it. So let’s look at the extended outlook, next seven days, as a bit of good for all tastes.

And speaking of good, this day’s rain is still what the doctor, the lawn doctor, ordered. Slowly and surely we ARE cutting into this rain deficit. And that is good no matter what season you enjoy!



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