BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The fun is about to begin with Light City Baltimore.

The exhibits are lit up and ready to go. WJZ got a sneak preview of them before the festival opens Friday.

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The fourth year of Light City will begin with interactive light-up exhibits set up through the Inner Harbor and other parts of Baltimore.

It features 18 artist installations including one that looks like lit up fishing rods that run into the Harbor.

“It’s called between the lines, it’s like a play on the word,” Arnaud Giroud said. “When you just come by it’s more like fishing rods, so from afar you have a different point of view, it’s more like a natural thing.”

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Just down the pier, attendees can also take a walk through shrooms. A forest of all 13 inflatable colorful and bold contrasting mushrooms.

There’s also human tile, an interactive kaleidoscope projection that captures attendees’ movements with a camera on the ground, then projects them onto a nearby building.

Many of the artists checked out other exhibits Thursday evening and said this year’s work has been especially enjoyable.

“It’s very impressive honestly. From what I’ve seen there’s a lot of strong projects,” an artist said.

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Light City starts Friday at noon.

Stetson Miller