FORT MEADE, Md. (WJZ) — A middle school in Anne Arundel County is investigating “kill lists” written on bathroom walls around the school this week.

The first list, sent out Monday, was reportedly written by one of the students. The list had names of other students but did not have the author’s name.

MacArthur Middle School said they contacted the parents of all the students whose names were on the list.

When they discovered four more lists on Wednesday, they sent out a letter to all families.

“I am writing to make you aware of several incidents that have occurred at our school over the last three days and to ask you to have a discussion with your child,” said Eugene Whiting, the school principal.

Three of the lists were written on bathroom walls and one was in a comic book, the school said.

“It can certainly be a crime and is a violation of our school code of conduct,” Bob Mosier, of Anne Arundel County Public Schools, said.

All five of the lists were found in the school’s eighth-grade areas and all of the names on the lists were eighth-graders.

The school said they have contacted the parents or guardians of every child whose name was on the list and involved their school resource officer as they interview students.

“While there is a likelihood that the four lists discovered yesterday are “copycat” lists- and that the one found yesterday was intended as a prank, we are taking each list very seriously,” Principal Whiting said in the letter.

The principal emphasized the last three school days have been normal instructional days, and they are interviewing students as they deem appropriate.

“I urge you to talk to your child about this and help them to understand these lists are no laughing matter,” the principal added.

Shaun Jamison has a son in middle school at another Anne Arundel County school. He said he’s very alarmed to hear about the incident.

“The parents have to understand their accountability, as well as the kids having their own accountability,” Jamison said.

The school has involved its school resource officer and police. It’s also asking that parents talk to their kids and to let them know that this list is no laughing matter.


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