BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The beginning stages of Light city are underway and so many glamorous elements have been unveiled so far.

A Baltimore non-profit is using silence while being loud at the same time.

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There have been shiny cars and every object one could think of illuminating the dark at Light City in downtown Baltimore.

HASA, is in the festival to appeal to a crowd with signs who can’t do either.

“We’re working with BOPA to improve their accessibility initiatives to include sensory space for people with sensory challenges. We also have a hush zone. We’re hosting a series of silent discos throughout the city for the next week and a half.

Over a dozen panels and demos so people with autism or who are deaf can join the party without the club atmosphere.

HASA will be handing out these sensory kits with earplugs and fidget toys.

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If someone has autism or a sensory difference, the sounds, the lights, the activities going on can really be overwhelming to their sensory system.

HASA is turning the tables with a silent disco. DJ Ambitious is providing the sound in these individual headphones to bring people together.

“The headphones allow people to actually be able to listen to music not as loud as they want or as they could but it allows them to get into it in a different aspect,” said DJ Ambitious.

It’s all happening beside the Visitor Center.

The silent discos will be held both Friday and Saturday nights. The HASA HUSH Zone will be available throughout the festival.

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