BALTIMORE (WJZ) — We all know that Pre-Schoolers have a lot of energy, and now, two local women have developed a program that helps get them up and moving.

It’s an action-packed 30 minutes of fun-filled movement.

Groove Kidz is a program where professional instructors use creative movement, dance, and gymnastics to get boys and girls ages 2 and up, moving.

“We’re here to help them with their activities and their dancing and get their wiggles out, definitely to get the wiggles out,” said Margo Burr, the Co-director of Groove Kidz.

The program was created by Burr and Joy Burley in March of 2018 as a way to help fight childhood obesity.

“We want to be able to help the children at an early age, be able to captivate their local and gross motor skills, help them be able to learn hand and eye coordination, help them help develop their character development and their self-esteem,” she said.

They now have over 300 kids enrolled. One of the keys to their success is that they bring class to you.

“There’s a lot of parents who don’t have the opportunity, they work all day so they don’t have the opportunity to take their kids to programs in the afternoon, so we come to them,” Burley said.

They bring this program to schools, campuses, and even birthday parties.

“We bring the props, the music, everything. We just bring the fun,” Margo said.

Sean Streicher


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