Hi Everyone!

A clear cold sky greeted us this Wednesday. No surprise. And for as much as I am the beach bum of WJZ feeling most alive smelling salt air down the ocean, feeling warm breezes on the Chesapeake, and living in shorts and flips all Summer long, I can tell you it was BEAUTIFUL overnight when we all came to work. BEAUTIFUL.

This was the first big clear Canadian air mass of what will be the cold months. The sky was totally clear. No haze, just stars and even with light pollution lots of them. All with that twinkle you only see in the Winter. The air was cold but fresh. Not a bad start to the day given it was,… COLD. But not real humid.

I point that out because in the Winter when it gets to, let’s say 42° and humid, that chill gets right down to your skin, and you feel cold to the bone. This day’s cold you can dress for. Totally.

By tomorrow temps rise to the upper 40’s and settle not 20° but just 10° below normal. Then back into the mid 50’s, near normal, by Friday. No surprises in the forecast, we WILL come out of the freezer tomorrow. All good this day. And that is a fact. A cold hard fact!



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