Hi Everyone!

Two more sleeps and it is dinner time. Two more days of 61°. Even the forecast drop in temps from 61° to 52° , Wednesday to Thursday, is just from mild to normal. Aw heck with the weather the only storm on everyone’s mind today is Lamar and the Ravens. What a ride these young guys are taking us on. Two more sleeps till dinner then 5 more sleeps until we feast on another team. Hopefully, and hopefully, weather will not play into it.

Do keep your eye on the forecast Saturday night and Sunday. We do have moisture coming in. That shower activity may start, well North and West, as some mixed precip but it is showers around on Sunday, a home game v the 49’ers that has my attention. Add in temps of 43° and 29°, day and night side on Saturday,  and the table is set for a chilly start to SundayFunday, with just temps in the low 50’s. Normal numbers but that gray damp forecast high of 52° could be more comfortable.  We’ll see.

What a feast on the way. On and off the field.



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