BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Trey Mancini is a Lamar Jackson fan.

Trey Mancini caught up with WJZ at this year’s Purple Tailgate benefit outside M&T Bank Stadium in support of 13-year-old Baltimore Sports superfan Mo Gaba, who is battling cancer for the fourth time.

“Lamar is the most fun player in the NFL to watch,” Mancini said. “I never really thought anybody like Michael Vick might come along again and he might be even more fun to watch than that,”

“It’s been awesome to watch him this year and see what he can do,” He added.

Mancini got to meet Jackson when the quarterback threw out the first pitch during a game this season and called him a great guy.

“He really rallies that team and does such a great job,” Mancini said.


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