BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A high-speed train could bring Marylanders shorter commute times, more jobs and business.

“This really does represent a transformative opportunity for our entire region,” said Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce Executive Director William Honablew Jr.

The Northeast Maglev Project is now partnering with the Baltimore City, Baltimore County, northern Anne Arundel County and Prince George’s County Chambers of Commerce.

The four groups support the first phase of the project between Baltimore and Washington D.C., with many organization leaders saying it could create more opportunities for more than 1,500 businesses and other groups across Maryland.

“We’ve been talking about 74,000 construction jobs specifically for this project. We’ve been talking about 1,500 permanent well-paying jobs for this project.” Honablew Jr. said.

The train would shorten the trip between DC and Baltimore to only 15 minutes, and project leaders hope to eventually expand the line to New York and get riders there in one hour.

“That’s something that really really can allow people to actually work in New York and maybe live in Baltimore County and live in Baltimore City, that’s a new environment and that’s a new thing we’re super, super excited about.” said Brent Howard with the Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce.

The project is currently under review by federal, state and local agencies, and more funding is needed- with the price tag at $10 billion.

If approved, construction could start in 2021.

Stetson Miller


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