BALTIMORE (WJZ) — We’re so happy that Meteorologist and Anchor Tim Williams is back on the air!

Tim was out for six weeks due to shingles.

“We’re all so thrilled that Tim Williams is back with us!” Linh Bui said Monday on WJZ.

“I have to take a second to thank so many people reached out, so much support,” Williams said. “Hundreds and hundreds of people who have tweeted, Facebooked and emailed.”


Tim said he knew he kind of disappeared but he got shingles and was out for six weeks as he healed.

He said it was very painful and Tim, unfortunately, broke out on his face.

Dr. Kjell Wilberg, the Director of the Division of Infectious Disease at Sinai Hospital, said shingles in a virus that remains dormant years after people get the chickenpox. When someone’s immune system gets weaker — due to stress or other illnesses — the virus can appear.

“If you never had chickenpox, you were probably not exposed to the virus,” Wilberg said.

Although he wasn’t Tim’s doctor, Wilberg said Tim’s case was more serious because his shingles began on his face.

When the nose tip or face is involved, that’s deemed a “bad” case of shingles. He said it’s especially concerning if shingles attack the eyes, it can affect vision.

When shingles start, patients normally feel a tingle or burning sensation followed by several blisters.

Dr. Wilberg said if you think you have shingles get to a doctor as soon as possible. They will begin antiviral therapy within 72 hours.

But there’s a way you can assure that if you get shingles, it’s a mild case — the shingles vaccine.

Wilberg said most insurance will cover the vaccine with anyone over 50 years old. It reduces the likelihood that you will get shingles, but won’t prevent it. However, if you do get shingles, it’ll be a milder case.

“I recommend everyone over 50 who had chickenpox to get the vaccine,” Dr. Wilberg said.

You can welcome Tim back, by tweeting at him, messaging/following him on Facebook.

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