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Weather and football will go hand and hand this week with a forecast for Saturday of rain.

This will be a part of the weather story all week. Which got me thinking, who was the person who first said football should be played in the Fall and Winter? Many of the original football cities are, in places where cold weather means business.

From the NFL’s website is this list of the 13 original “football cities.”

I guess they did not want to fight with baseball for press and fans but the original NFL cities names will, weather-wise, shiver your timbers. From the NFL here is the list. 14 teams with one city, Chicago, having two teams; Akron, Buffalo, Canton, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Decatur Illinois, Detroit, Hammond Indiana, Muncie, Rochester, and Rock Island, Illinois.

Who ate the first Oyster and who said let’s go play a rough and tumble game in the cold?

Of course just as I am discussing cold, and football, our temps Saturday will be really warm..the mid 60’s, with a game-time temp in the mid 50’s. But I do not think football is over, here, after this weekend. So for the league championship, only time will tell.



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