BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Few people know what it’s like to suit up during the NFL playoffs better than former Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith.

Smith has a Super Bowl ring with the Ravens and the Philadelphia Eagles, and now he’s watching from the sidelines as his former team has a chance to continue its 12-game winning streak.

Smith sat down with WJZ Anchor Rick Ritter on Purple Playoff Push Friday night to talk about everything from what it’s like to be a player on the field during this crucial part of the post-season to who could pose the biggest threat to the Ravens’ Super Bowl hopes.

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Rick Ritter: From your perspective, what makes this Ravens team so unique?

Torrey Smith: I think the way they’re gelling is really natural. You can tell they enjoy being with each other and that was the one thing that was common between the team here when we won in 2012 and also the Eagles. We enjoyed being around each other, we enjoyed playing with each other and everyone just had a great time.

Smith also went on to share his thoughts on Lamar Jackson’s leadership of the team.

“I love the leader that Lamar is for this team,” Smith said. “He’s perfect for the city, he’s perfect for the organization and you can tell it’s genuine, it’s real love and it shows each and every week.”

As they come off a bye week, Smith said the team is fresh and would tell the younger players not to overthink it.

WATCH: Former Ravens WR Torrey Smith On Team’s Offense

Ritter: We could sit here and talk about Lamar Jackson all day long, but I want to talk about the offense in general and with the tight ends and what kind of makes them so special when they run that 12 and 13 personnel?

Smith: I think it’s bully ball, you know, what they’re doing with the run game and the fact that their offense and their passing game is centered around their tight ends is unique. That doesn’t happen anywhere in the league and it really fits Baltimore to be able to do that and allows the other guy, (Willie) Snead in the slot to work. I’m still waiting on them to give Hollywood (Brown) a few more shots outside but to be able to balance the field to me, that’s what Ravens ball is all about.

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Ritter: We’re sitting here, we’re talking about the playoff environment and what it’s like as a player. You’ve been in the post-season plenty of times, you’ve played in some of the biggest games you can, walk us through it.

Smith: As a player, it’s do or die. And the fans, it’s like another level. It’s special here in Baltimore because honestly every big game, really every game is like a playoff environment, but the tailgating is a little longer for a night game and the city’s on fire. Just that passion, everyone truly feeds off that here and it truly is a home-field advantage.

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When asked what he thought the final score of Saturday’s game would be, Smith said while he didn’t have exact numbers, he thought the Ravens were going to win.

“I picked them from the beginning to win the Super Bowl, and with this type of leadership and this type of talent you’ve got to take care of business at home,” he said.

Ritter: Toughest match-up ahead if they advance? Maybe Kansas City?

Smith: Absolutely, but Kansas City has to make it. We know who’s going to be there next week.

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