ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — Maryland lawmakers are considering legislation to require background checks for the private sale of rifles and shotguns.

If this sounds familiar, it is. The bill failed to pass last session, but the passion behind it remains the same.

Andrea Chamblee is the widow of John McNamara, one of the victims of the Capital Gazette shooting.

Chamblee is back with Mom’s Demand Action to rally for background checks for private sales of rifles and shotguns after a failed effort last year.

“I tell you, I was disappointed in knowing that people would die because that bill wouldn’t be passed,” she said.

Carol Brown of Mom’s Demand Action was hopeful about their chances this year.

“We’re trying to be reasonable and save and protect our communities at the same time,” Brown said.

Mark Pennak, President of Maryland Shall Issue, opposes the bill, calling it a legislative overreach.

“It’s a vast overreach because it criminalizes an enormous number of law-abiding citizens for common loans and transfers of guns that have been taking place in this country for hundreds of years, ” Pennak said. “And for no reason, because studies show these kinds of background checks have no impact.”

This is the beginning of what’s expected to be an emotional debate this session.

  1. Tim Kiphart says:

    The criminal that murdered Andrea Chamblee’s husband passed a background check and bought his shotgun legally. The bill did not pass last year and should not pass this year, or ever.

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