Hi Everyone!

As we keep discussing Saturday’s forecast, and the possibility of a “wintry mix,” you will be hearing us also talk about “ground-based observations.” And that is reason to stand up and cheer loudly.

Here is why and here is the deal.

We rely on computer models. You always hear about computer models. How did we live without computer models? The answer is simple, “ground-based observations,” weather balloons and such. The old fashioned way. Which is its own form of high tech.

I had a fascinating discussion with Meteorologist Chelsea Ingram yesterday about this. She was walking me through the upcoming scenario. Keep in mind the Low moving our way was over the Pacific Ocean and that data was feeding those models. But she said nothing takes the place of trained observers to bring the story into sharper focus, and that is EXACTLY why there are always questions to be answered as weather systems move across the USA.

Once the low starts to cut across the country it is real humans we will rely on. HOW REFRESHING!  Almost like a fine Spring day. Without us, the machines can’t win. In the end, Sarah Conner is victorious. (By the way Sarah Conner, played in the terminator movies by Linda Hamilton, was the resistance hero against the machines.)

I no more want the disruption of a “wintry mix” than the next guy, but when you see it on Saturday smile, as only a human can!



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